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The pedagogy of learning: Engaging teachers in observing children’s spoken word errors for professional development

  • The pedagogy of learning: Engaging teachers in observing children’s spoken word errors for professional development
  • 「學習教學」:觀察幼兒口頭詞彙錯誤以促進教師的專業成長
  • The Education University of Hong Kong
  • 2022
    • Hong Kong
    • 1997.7 onwards
    • Pre-Primary Education
  • Effective teaching requires teachers to have shared understanding with learners. If learners see the world in a way different from that of the teacher, the teacher may not be able to make connections with the learners, thus failing to convey the instructional content to them. Along this line, our project adopted the notion of ‘the pedagogy of learning’ and involved iterative cycles of research on children’s ways of seeing and the professional development of kindergarten teachers. In terms of research, we investigated the qualitatively different ways of seeing of children as manifested by the errors in the spoken words they used in everyday conversations in kindergartens while they learned to speak. Over the three years of the project, we had engaged a total of 254 in-service kindergarten teachers in observing children’s errors in their own kindergartens. A pool of 788 children’s errors was collected and 5 categories of errors were inductively identified: sound imitation (A), non-existent combination of characters from words (B), inappropriate use of the spoken forms of words (C), use of characters with inaccurate meanings (D), and creative exploitation of characters with relevant meanings (E). Concerning professional development of in-service kindergarten teachers, we presented the five categories of errors to the teachers in our professional development programmes to explore what they needed to know to teach children to correct each of the categories of errors and to use the appropriate spoken words. The presentation generated stimulating discussion among the teachers, inducing them to reflect upon their understanding of the Chinese language and their scientific knowledge about the world. On the whole, this project put forth the positive value of children’s errors and called attention to the potential contribution of the notion of the pedagogy of learning in improving the teaching of teachers for children to learn Chinese.有效的教學要求教師與學生有共同的理解,如果學生理解事物的方式與教師的不同,教師難以明白學生的想法,遑論把教學內容教給他們。本計劃採用「學習教學」的理念,研究幼兒質的不同理解方式,促進幼稚園教師的專業成長。計劃推行三年,共 254 位在職幼稚園教師參與,他們觀察幼兒在日常說話中口頭詞彙的錯誤。計劃收集到口頭錯誤 788 個,歸納為 5 個類別:運用象聲詞、混淆詞語中的字、誤用詞語口語、選取字義不準確、發揮用字創意。在教師專業發展課程中,導師把 5 類別的口頭錯誤展示給教師,引起熱烈討論。教師探討甚麼知識有助糾正幼兒錯誤,反思自己對中文與科學知識的理解。總括而言,本文提倡幼兒錯誤的研究,發展「學習教學」對改善教師中文教學的潛力。Copyright © 2022 Department of Chinese Language Studies, The Education University of Hong Kong.
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