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Student-teachers' beliefs on primary science curriculum orientations

  • Student-teachers' beliefs on primary science curriculum orientations
  • 師訓學員對小學科學課程取向的信念
  • Hong Kong
  • Hong Kong Teachers' Association
  • 2002
    • Hong Kong
    • 1997.7 onwards
    • Primary Education
  • Curriculum orientations are beliefs about what a school curriculum should achieve and how teaching, learning and assessment should occur. Five major orientations to design science curricula were identified. They are academic, cognitive processes, society-centred, humanistic, and technological. This article reports the results of a survey on the primary science curriculum orientations of 437 pre-service student-teachers studying 2 primary education programmes. A 41-item questionnaire was developed to measure their beliefs about these five curriculum orientations. Statistical results show that the instrument is reliable and the student-teachers strongly believed in the cognitive-processes orientation, but they generally did not reject the other four orientations. The effects of science background knowledge, teaching practice experiences and the nature of science modules studied were tested. Implications of these findings are discussed.
    課程取向是指有關學校課程的目標、教學方法與評估的信念。本文界定了五種有關科學課程的主要取向,它們是學術取向、認知過程取向、社會中心取向、人文取向和科技取向。本文報告一個對小學科學課程取向的調查研究,調查的對像是分別修讀兩個教育課程的437 位職前師訓學員,調查工具是一份有41 項問題的問卷,統計結果顯示工具的信度頗高,而學員最認同認知過程取向,不過他/她們亦不排斥其他四種取向。同時亦測試了有關學員的科學知識背景、教學實習的經驗和曾修讀科學單元的性質等因素可能產生的影響。從以上研究結果所得出的啟示都會在本文作出討論。
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