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School-related worries of adolescents in Hong Kong: A single school study

  • School-related worries of adolescents in Hong Kong: A single school study
  • Special Education Society of Hong Kong Ltd.
  • 2006
    • Hong Kong
    • 1997.7 onwards
    • Secondary Education
  • This study explores school-related issues that cause worry and concern for 590 students, aged 11 to 17, in a typical secondary school in Hong Kong. A 36-item questionnaire in Chinese language was used to probe the extent to which the students worried about apecific matters related to studies, examinations, homework, learning English as a second language, peer-group friendships, teacher-student relationships, and the learning environment in the school. Results indicated that in general both male and female students shared fairly similar concerns, and they worried most about aspects of study and examinations. Males and females also expressed some degree of concern over aspects of homework and learning English as a second language. In general, fewer worries were related to friendship issues, teacher-student relationship, and the learning environment. Our analyses identified a few statistically significant gender differences, and differences related to age and the achievement level of the students.The findings are discussed against the background of literature from over fifty years of research into children's worries, and also in the context of the implementation of comprehensive counselling and guidance programs in the case school. 本研究對香港一間典型中學的 590名年齡界乎11至17歲的學生進行訪問,探討他們有關學校事務的擔憂及關注。本研究採用了一份中文問卷,其中共有36個項目,旨在調查受訪學生對一些特定事情的擔憂程度,包括學習、考試、家課、學習英語作為第二語言、同輩友誼、師生關係和校內學習環境。調查結果顯示男學生和女學生都有相似的關注事項,他們最擔心的是學習和考試;對家課和學習英語作為第二語言亦表示有一些擔心。一般而言,只有少部分學生表示擔心同輩友誼、師生關係和校內學習環境。最後,本研究的結果與過去五十年的文獻資料作討論和比較,當中包括個案學校的全方位輔導計劃的執行情況。
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