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雲平台 : 21世紀融合教育的經營平台

  • 雲平台 : 21世紀融合教育的經營平台
  • 香港特殊教育論壇, 13, 13-21, 2011
  • 香港特殊教育學會有限公司
  • 2011
    • Hong Kong
    • 1997.7 onwards
    • Unknown or Unspecified
  • "雲計算"甫自推出便被認定為︰面向所有普通用戶的計算系統。進入2010年,"雲計算"迅速普及,帶給社會的是訊息資源獲得的便利性及使用率的提高;而為支持者稱道的是其開放性和互動性。"雲計算"與"雲儲存"在工商界、在公共服務領域、在教育界的應用與探索備受多國關注,認為這是一項足以改變未來世界的重大科技發明。本文嘗從"雲計算"對特殊學習需要學童的學程經營的啟示,簡述一所特殊學校將生本學程經營平台轉移至"雲平台"上經營;讓教師、家長、及不同的專業工作者,透過即時、互動的網上協作活動,分享訊息並共參與建構生本的學與教流程。就這實踐經驗,筆者倡議為保障融合生在融入主流教育系統時的學習質素,可考慮為每一名特殊教育學習需要學生建立一個跨專業、跨家校、及跨教育系統的"融合雲"。 When 'Cloud Computing' was first introduced, it was regarded as a computing system for all users. Entering 2010,'Cloud Computing' was widely used and seen as an elevated tool of convenience and utilization to obtain information resources; while from the supporters' perspective, the benefit is the openness and interaction that it brings to the users. Many countries are attracted to both 'Cloud Computing' and 'Cloud Storage'. They thought that this technological innovation will bring huge changes in the future in the aspects of its application and discovery in both the industrial and commercial sectors, public services and education sector. This articles aims to summarize the transformation of traditional 'Student-based' learning platform into 'Cloud Platform' being inspired by 'Cloud Computing' that impacted on the learning process of students with special educational needs. And how the new platform enables teachers, parents and various professional workers to share information and participate in establishing the student-based flow of 'learning and teaching' as well as collaborative activities through instantaneous interactive web-based activities. The information sharing will bring about mutual participation and construction of teaching and learning activities. Based upon the practical experiences, the author suggests that in order to safeguard the quality of education services for integrated students in the mainstream education system, an 'Inclusive Cloud' comprising of interdisciplinary professionals, interactive home-school and educational systems should be constructed for every student with special educational needs.
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  • 2019-04-09

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