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  • 新世紀的教師發展與教師教育
  • Teacher development and teacher education in the new century
  • 當代教育與文化, 1(1), 69-73, 2009
  • 西北師範大學
  • 2009
    • Hong Kong
    • China
    • 1997.7 onwards
    • Post-Secondary Education
  • 新世紀以來,中國內地和香港都啟動了大規模的課程改革,對教師發展和教師教育提出了新的要求。基於對教師發展與教師教育之間關係的分析,文章指出了二者未來的發展方向,即發展中小學—大學夥伴協作關係,建立教師教育發展網絡,促進多元化的教師發展和教師教育,以及深化教師與教師教育工作者的實踐探究與反思。 The large-scale curriculum reform in the new century puts forward new requirements on teacher development and teacher education in Mainland China and Hong Kong SAR. Based on the analysis of the relationships between teacher development and teacher education, this paper suggests four directions for their future development: developing school-university partnerships; establishing the networks of teacher education and teacher development, facilitating diversified approaches to teacher development and teacher education; and improving the practical inquiry and reflection of teachers and teacher educators. Copyright © 2009 西北師範大學.
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