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  • 面向2035年的粵港澳大灣區教育及人才培養
  • 河北師範大學
  • 2020
    • Hong Kong
    • Macau
    • Guangdong
    • 1997.7 onwards
    • Unknown or Unspecified
  • 我國於2019年提出《粵港澳大灣區發展規劃綱要》(簡稱《規劃綱要》)方案,提出九個城市以及香港和澳門特別行政區作為區域發展的核心引擎,並藉著這些核心城市和港澳地區的發展,帶動周邊城市和區域的發展。從區域教育發展以及國際趨勢等角度來看,粵港澳大灣區的人才發展宜具有國家及區域意識及國際視野,宜注重科技與人文雙重取向;鼓勵粵港澳學校合作交流,共建院校研究基地;樹立多元化灣區教育合作理念,在科研、教育、經濟發展和人才培養等方面達至協同共贏效果。 China put forward the "Outline Development Plan for the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area" in 2019, proposing nine cities and Hong Kong and Macao Special Administrative Regions as the core engines for regional development, promoting as well the growth of the surrounding cities and regions. Through the analysis of regional education development and international trends, this paper discusses personnel training in the Greater Bay Area. The development of talents in this Area should have both a national and regional awareness and an international perspective, and be oriented towards both humanities and science and technology. Cooperation and exchanges between Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao schools should be encouraged, so as to build joint research centers among institutions. A diversified concept of educational cooperation should be established to achieve win-win results in scientific research, education, economic development and personnel training. Copyright © 2020 河北師範大學.
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  • 2020-10-14

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