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  • 香港新高中學制改革後之相關特殊教育跟進與改善
  • 香港特殊教育論壇, 12, 69-80, 2010
  • 香港特殊教育學會有限公司
  • 2010
    • Hong Kong
    • 1997.7 onwards
    • Secondary Education
  • 香港最近經歷「3加3加4」的學制更改。這當中,有特殊教育需要的學生,他們應如何享有最合適與具成效的教育安排?本文介紹美國與台灣的相關學制與實行方式,提供香港政策者與教職同工、以及持份者(例如︰家長)參考,和藉此機會擴大討論,共同研商提昇相關服務的質素。 The Hong Kong academic structure has been restructured into a "3 plus 3 plus 4" system. Among practitioners in the local special education community, there has been extensive expression of concerns, preferences, and suggestions for improvement. What would be the best arrangements and practices for learners with special education needs (SEN)? This article tries to share experiences in the United States and Taiwan, for further discussion on better achievement and higher quality of service delivery, as well as best fulfillment of new senior secondary (NSS) and postsecondary students' critical educational and rehabilitation needs.
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