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  • 香港影子教育下的學習、教學和研究:自傳式敘事研究
  • Learning, teaching, and researching in shadow education in Hong Kong: An autobiographical narrative inquiry
  • 全球教育展望, 49(2), 96-107, 2020
  • 華東師範大學
  • 2020
    • Hong Kong
    • 1997.7 onwards
    • Unknown or Unspecified
  • 本文從一名內部人士的視角來說明在香港參與補習的生活經歷,分別以學生、補習導師和研究人員的角色,對影子教育普遍存在的幾個問題給予分析並獲得啟示。本文採用自傳式敘事研究方法,數據來源於作者的事件回憶錄,受啟發於自身作為學員和導師時使用的教材、自己的視頻錄課,以及研究項目的反思日記。基於作者在補習行業扮演不同角色的敘述,本文討論了幾個主要問題,包括(1)影子教育對主流教育積極和消極影響的反思,(2)缺乏對補習教師和廣告質量的嚴格規範,(3)影子教育如何加劇教育不平等以及一些補習機構和非營利組織如何解決這一問題。就作者所知,本文是唯一一篇從作者自身作為學生、導師和研究人員的個人經歷來討論影子教育問題的文章,它從內部人士視角闡述了香港補習行業的實踐和政策發展。 This article aims to illustrate the lived experiences of engaging in private tutoring in Hong Kong as a tutee, a tutor, and a researcher and draw implications on several issues arising from the prevalence of shadow education. This article adopted an autobiographical narrative approach. Data were collected through the author’s memoir of events, stimulated by the tutorial materials he used when he was a tutee and a tutor, his video-recorded lessons of tutoring, and reflective journals from his research projects. Various issues are discussed based on the narrative of the author playing different roles in the tutoring industry, including the positive and negative washback on mainstream education; the lack of strict regulation of the quality of tutors and advertisements; how shadow education may exacerbate education inequality; and how some tutorial companies and nonprofit organizations are addressing the issue. This article, to the best of the author’s knowledge, is the only one that discusses the problems of shadow education from an author’s own personal experiences as a tutee, a tutor, and a researcher. It illustrates how practices and policies of the private tutoring industry are evolving in Hong Kong from an insider perspective. Copyright © 2020 華東師範大學.
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  • 2020-07-20

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