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  • 實現融合教育:香港以及亞太地區之探討
  • 香港特殊教育論壇, 11, 73-87, 2009
  • 香港特殊教育學會有限公司
  • 2009
    • Hong Kong
    • Asia-Pacific
    • 1997.7 onwards
    • Unknown or Unspecified
  • 基於獨特的歷史背景,加上東西文化頻繁往來的交流與歷練,以及政、經等環境的演化和變遷,對香港特殊教育政策的制定有一定的影響,香港的教育決策者、施政人員,協同前線同工,近年逐步摸索而推出一套略有所成,但仍須繼續加以改進且依序提昇,以便更擴大推廣的「全校參與」融合教育實行模式。此模式之優劣處有其值得探討和大家研究的地方。本文旨在就實現融合教育的發展做初步綜合介紹,並搭配亞太其他地區的互動經驗,與非正式研究所得到的一些結論,做一個簡咯的報告。藉以拋磚引玉,廣邀同行先進,深入討論,追求有更高品質的成就,來嘉惠學子。 Hong Kong's unique historical background and frequent exchange of Eastern and Western cultures and experiences, plus the recent evolution in political and economic situations, may have been the catalyst for the development of today's whole school approach model for inclusive education by policy makers, administrators, and frontline practitioners. This paper is an attempt to introduce initial-stage studies into Hong Kong practices, with confirmation and additional findings in the Asia-Pacific region. The author wishes to promote further collaboration for the advancement of programs and services to benefit our students.
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