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  • 融合教育的現在與未來:香港經驗
  • 香港特殊教育論壇, 11, 55-72, 2009
  • 香港特殊教育學會有限公司
  • 2009
    • Hong Kong
    • 1997.7 onwards
    • Primary Education
  • 融合教育的理念在香港少有爭議,然而其實踐却引來業界以至整個社會的不安。而收納有特殊學習需要學童的主流學校數目亦有增無已,自1999年教育署正式啟動「融合教育計劃」後至去年止,已超過半數香港主流小學參加了「融合教育計劃」。這項標示人權、公平、與「反隔離」的教育倡導,漸成香港教育改革中的一項重要議程。然而,除了政府的正面報導外,不論在報章上、學術研討會上,或在學界的調查研究中,我們都可接收到各類有關持份者痛陳目前的融合教育政策與執行缺失的訊息。為數非少的家長、主流學校、及特殊學校都在這看似融合美境之中叫苦連連。本文從教育生態角度,剖析香港十年教改與融合教育措施的互動關係,分析主流學校與特殊學校的藍海策略,提出可借鏡某些國家承認雙重國籍的方案,提供融合生雙重學籍,以解構教育系統二分法造成的三輸局面。 The conceptual good will behind integrated education in Hong Kong attracts very little debate, while its implementation arouses unrest amongst the education sector and the community at large. Since the inception of integrated education by the Government in 1999, statistics last year indicated that there were more and more schools joining the programme and over half of the primary schools in Hong Kong have then joined the programme. This new trend, demonstrating the respect for human rights, equality and anti-segregation, is now becoming one of the key issues of concern within the education reform of Hong Kong. Except the favorable remarks made by the Government about the policy, there were heated debates in the education sector and the public concerning the negative impacts resulting from the implementation of integrated education within the media, academic conferences and researches. Parents, mainstream schools as well as special schools are all agonizing about the glossy picture painted for the policy. Using an ecological perspective to look at the implementation of integrated education in the past 10 years while focusing on the dynamics between the education reform issues and strategies for integrated education, the "Blue Ocean Strategy" can be adopted as a basic principle for mainstream and special schools to work successfully together. Similar to a country giving recognition to dual nationality, one of the strategies might be the adoption of a dual-registration system for students to register with both types of school for ensuring their successful survival within integrated education. The proposal can be a practical means to tackle the losing battle for all stakeholders within integrated education.
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