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  • 「同儕評核」在普通話教學法課上的實踐
  • Experience on organizing a school-wide experiential learning activity: Activity Week Experience (AWE) programme
  • 香港
  • 香港教師會
  • 2004
    • Hong Kong
    • 1997.7 onwards
    • Secondary Education
  • 背景:我校向以「全人教育」為宗旨,希望培育學生成長和為他們未來的事業作好準備。為貫徹此宗旨及配合教育改革的推行,除了一貫的課堂教育外,我校亦認同經驗教育的重要性。因此,我校以「走出普通課堂的多元化活動學習體驗周」為口號,舉行「活動周體驗計畫」,邀請全體同學根據自己的興趣及能力參加不同的活動。
    Background: Whole person education for our students is the mission of our school. We help them to develop their personal characters and to prepare for their own career paths. To fulfill the above challenging mission and the recent educational reform, apart form the normal classroom teaching, the School recognizes the importance and value of experiential or activity based education. Hence, we introduced the Activity Week Experience (AWE) Programme to provide our students a week of diversified learning experiences out of the ordinary classroom! All students are invited to join different organized programmes based on our own interest and abilities.
    Aims: This paper is going to discuss the main concerns on organizing such a school-wide experiential learning activity and how our teachers also learn together with our students.
    Sample: The programme has only been conducted in our school. Tak Sun Secondary School is the only information source.
    Method: Personal experience, professional discussion and reference to the relevant Government documents were used in drafting the paper.
    Results: A series of guidelines were suggested as reminders for the teachers and the school if they would like to produce similar school-wide activities. To start a similar school-wide activity, the school should put the school mission and the safety of the students as the first priority. Then, with the strong support from different school stakeholders, the activity would be implemented smoothly. Otherwise, it will be a waste of resources.
    Conclusion: Activity Week Experience (AWE) Programme is a core activity on the Whole Person Education in our school. All students are invited to join different organized programmes based on our own interest and abilities. Hence, a precise plan to prepare all activities in the programme is essential to its success. The paper produced a series of guidelines to help our teachers in their activity plans in order to produce a better and wider learning environment for our next generation.
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