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  • 中國內地的高中課程改革:藍圖、挑戰與展望
  • The new curriculum of senior secondary school in mainland China: Blueprints, challenges, and prospects
  • 香港教師中心學報, (4), 1-10, 2005
  • 香港
  • 香港教師中心
  • 2005
    • Hong Kong
    • China
    • 1997.7 onwards
    • Secondary Education
  • 高中課程改革是香港和內地教育改革面臨的一個共同焦點。基於高中課程改革的趨勢,本文介紹了內地高中新課程的改革方案,並且將其與香港高中課程改革做了簡要比較。然後,本文分析了內地高中課程改革的特徵及其面臨的挑戰,如實施策略、權力分配以及支持條件等。最後,本文從理論與實務兩個方面指出了內地高中課程改革需要注意的問題。
    The curriculum reform of senior secondary school (SSS) is the common focus of education reforms in Hong Kong and Chinese mainland. Based on the developing trends of curriculum reform of SSS, the paper introduces the new curriculum project in mainland China and makes an initial attempt to compare it with Hong Kong's curriculum reform. Then, the paper analyzes the features of the reform of mainland China and challenges it poses, such as implementation strategies, allocation of power, and supporting factors. Finally, the paper points out some theoretical and practical issues that the reformers should deal with carefully.
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