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  • 家長支援小組在特殊學校的應用
  • 香港特殊教育論壇, 12, 81-99, 2010
  • 香港特殊教育學會有限公司
  • 2010
    • Hong Kong
    • 1990-1997.6
    • 1997.7 onwards
    • Unknown or Unspecified
  • 作為凝聚有特殊教育需要子女家長的處所,特殊學校是有責任組織適切的活動,支援家長克服子女的學習及成長困難。本文概述一所收取中度智障學童的學校,如何透過發展性小組去支援校內的家長,並探討如何就這些孩子家長的需要、家校合作的現況、家長參與的層次與區分、家長賦權歷程、學校背景、朋輩輔導及小組發展歷程等概念,去全面理解不同持分者在籌辦家長互助小組過程中,要準備的工作及注意事項。透過有層次地去組織支援家長的「伴你同行」小組,除能夠支援更有需要的家長,加強他們處理子女學習、行為、情緒問題,增強親子關係並完備家庭與學校合作的同時,亦促使家長間建立一個非常規的支持和朋輩網絡。 Special schools being a place for gathering parents of students with special educational needs bear the responsibility of organizing supporting services for these parents to overcome difficulties encounter by their children. The paper describes the efforts of a special school for moderate intellectually disabled students in applying developmental group work to support the parents of the school. While considering the needs of these parents, current trends of home-school cooperation, differentiated levels of parental involvement in a school, parent empowerment process, school background, peer tutoring and group development processes for enhancing the understanding of different stake-holders of the school to plan and organize parent groups of such purposes are examined and applied. In the end, not only that the parent support group supported the more needy parents in strengthening their methods of coping with learning, behavioural, emotional difficulties and parent-child relationship. The support group too facilitated home school cooperation process, an informal peer support network amongst these parents is formed as another source of support for parents of the school.
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  • 2019-04-09

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