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A student-centred learning framework for surveying studio

  • A student-centred learning framework for surveying studio
  • Implementing problem based learning: Proceedings of the first Asia Pacific conference on problem based learning, the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, 9-11 December, 1999
  • Hong Kong
  • The Management Committee
  • 2000
  • Asia Pacific Conference on Problem Based Learning (1999: Hong Kong, China)
    • Hong Kong
    • 1997.7 onwards
    • Post-Secondary Education
  • In the design of the B.Sc. (Surveying) curriculum at The University of Hong Kong, there are two major components: the academic core subjects and the Surveying Studio. We identified economics, law, management, and construction as four main subject areas. Subject-based and instructor-centred lectures and tutorials provide the academic underpinning of the curriculum. In addition, the Surveying Studio is designed to integrate and apply the academic knowledge in a professional manner. A multidisciplinary and student-centred learning approach is employed. Students, working in small group, are responsible for their own learning, individually and in collaboration with peers. Based on real world case studies, problem scenarios are designed and developed. A problem scenario is an open-ended and ill-structured problem in an authentic context. It allows students to explore different viewpoints, different pathways to different solutions, and different learning styles. Students work through problem scenarios to achieve the desired learning objectives. This paper outlines the concepts behind our student-centred learning framework for the Surveying Studio. Our experiences related to the benefits achieved and problems involved in the implementation process are discussed.
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  • 2011-05-27

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