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  • 香港學校「鳥籠藝術教育」還待實質改善
  • The Hong Kong 'bird-caged arts education' needs substantiate improvement
  • 香港
  • 香港教師會
  • 2001
    • Hong Kong
    • 1997.7 onwards
    • Primary Education
    • Secondary Education
  • 致力培育創意及想像力的藝術教育對香港社會經濟轉型應能發揮積極作用。藝術教育所培養巿民藝術情操及優質文化,對巿容面貌的改善及提升香港成為亞洲文化大都會有深遠的貢獻。檢視香港教育改革及學校藝術教育課程,有助反省香港學校美育發展的方向和成效。2001 年6 月香港教育署課程發展處公佈《學會學習》學校課程改革文件,將整體課程分類為八個學習領域︰中國語文、英國語文、數學、科學、科技、個人及社會學科、藝術及體育等,學校教育強調全方位學習、課程統整、減少現有課程內容。《學會學習——學習領域藝術教育》將藝術教育分為四大學習目標︰培育創意及想像力、發展藝術創作技能與過程、培育評賞藝術能力、認識藝術的情境等。並以課程架構模式發展校本課程。本文從官方公佈的資料及與西方新近學校藝術教育課程比較,批判分析香港學校藝術教育的新近發展。
    Arts Education which develops people's sense of creativity and enhances imagination will undoubtedly play an important role in the period of economic transition of Hong Kong. In addition, Arts education not only may nurture Arts and culture of a high calibre, but also will contribute to the improvement of the image of the Hong Kong city to become an Asian metropolitan. The review of the recent education reform and the change of school arts education curriculum in Hong Kong provide us with a chance on the direction and effectiveness of school arts education. In June 2001 the Curriculum Development Council of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region released the document of curriculum reform, Learning to Learning which divides all subjects into eight key learning areas: Chinese Language, English Language, Mathematics, Science, Technology, Individual and Social Subjects, Physical Education and Arts. According to the document, school education should emphasize learning from all directions with an integrated curriculum, reducing the bulky contents of the current curriculum, etc. Moreover, the document, Learning to Learn—Learning Area : Arts Education suggests four learning objectives of Arts education: Developing Creativity & Imagination, Developing Skills and Processes, Cultivating Critical Response, and Understanding Arts in Context. The document suggests the use of a curriculum framework to help school develop a school-based curriculum. This paper is to study and compare the local official documents with those of Arts education in western countries and critically analyse the problems and development of the school Arts education in Hong Kong.
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