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  • 創意語文教學:一個運用托蘭斯孕育模式的嘗試
  • Creative language teaching: A pilot study using Torrance's incubation model
  • 香港
  • 香港教師會
  • 2009
    • Hong Kong
    • 1997.7 onwards
    • Primary Education
    • Secondary Education
  • 背景:香港近年大力推行的教育改革,銳意發展學生的創造思維能力,但要培養有創意能力的學生,我們極需一批充滿創意的教師。但是過去的研究指出很多教師都不懂得如何發展學生的創意。
    Background: In 2000, Hong Kong launched the Education Reform. One of the main objectives is to foster the creativity of the students. Nonetheless, we need a team of creative teachers who will help develop the creative skills of students. Past research shows that many teachers do not know how to develop the creative skills of their students.
    Aims: This project aims to enhance teachers' awareness of a more "creative" pedagogical approach and to develop students' creative skills. Torrance's Incubation Model in Creativity is the underpinning theory in developing these language lessons. This model includes a 3-step learning process: arousing expectation, digging deep and extending learning experience. When we plan the lessons, we have a clear focus on developing students' creativity, and to help teachers teach effectively.
    Objects: Teachers and students in primary from primary five, primary six, secondary one, two and three from four schools are included in this project.
    Method: The preparations of lessons are participated by teachers and researchers. The lessons had been implemented by all teachers concerned. The project is divided into 4 stages in two years. The assessment of the project includes class observation, discussion with teachers and works of students.
    Results: The first two stages of this project have been completed. This article focuses on the implementation of a unit teaching in the form 1 class of a secondary school. After going through a spiral process of learning, students not only grasp the meaning of the modern poetry, develop their thinking skills and other creative skills, they are able to write their own poetry. Some students take an interest in poetry and carry on the reading by themselves.
    Conclusion: Teachers facilitate students' learning. Their commitment of the teaching profession and their willingness in trying new pedagogical approach affect the learning motivation and attitude of the students. We find that Torrance's incubation model of creativity development is a more comprehensive one compared to other models.
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