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  • 資訊科技與幼兒教育:個案研究報告
  • Information technology and early childhood education: A case study report
  • 香港
  • 香港教師會
  • 2001
    • Hong Kong
    • 1997.7 onwards
    • Pre-Primary Education
  • 本研究的目的是透過設計及實踐資訊科技教育活動,了解其教育功能。本個案研究為期一年,共有十位教師及七十五名學生參與。研究成果是三個應用資訊科技主題活動,他們是:(1)製作數碼圖書,(2)製作數碼活動記錄冊,(3)製作數碼短片分享行為表現。研究結果顯示資訊科技創造屬實的學習機會,提供豐富的教學功能及扮演授權賦能的角色。
    The aim of the case study is to design thematic learning activities for understanding and analyzing roles of IT for improving Learning & Teaching (L&T) of school education. This research involved 10 teachers and 75 learners in a one-year study. Three thematic activities were designed and implemented. They were: (1) digital book production, (2) digital activity record production, and (3) digital video clip production for sharing behavior of learners. Results of the study indicated that IT could play three roles in education. They are: (1) providing authentic learning opportunities, (2) enhancing teaching capability, and (3) empowering L&T activities.
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