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  • 融合教育:理論與實踐
  • 香港特殊教育論壇, 7, 57-74, 2004
  • 香港特殊教育學會有限公司
  • 2004
    • Hong Kong
    • 1990-1997.6
    • 1997.7 onwards
    • Unknown or Unspecified
  • 今日的學童常在多元的學校環境中學習。如同世界其他各地,香港亦有各不同程度學習困難的兒童,逐漸融入主流學校的大趨勢。一般教育工作者因而增加了這方面的覺醒與需求,來滿足每一名不論是否殘障或具獨有特質學生的教育目標。本文敘述相關概念、理論、與有效策略來達成融合教育的最大成效。 Children in today's school are learning in a diverse environment. There has been a steady trend of inclusive education for students at various level of learning abilities and/or difficulties. General education practitioners are increasing their awareness of the requirements to fulfill individualized conditions and needs of each unique learner, whether disabled or nondisabled. This article will share information regarding major concepts, theories, and promising practices that can be implemented for better success of inclusive education for all students and school personnel.
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