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  • 「體驗式學習」活動成效研究:第一階段報告
  • 香港
  • 香港政策研究所教育政策研究中心
  • 2019
    • Hong Kong
    • 1997.7 onwards
    • Secondary Education
  • 自 2000 年課程改革以來,教育局提倡幫助學生達至全人發展的目標和發展終身學習的能力,以「全方位學習」的概念,鼓勵把學習空間從課室拓展到其他環境,推展一系列的「體驗式學習」,「其他學習經歷」便是以此理念推行的一個高中課程組成部份,約佔總課時百分之十至十五。體驗式學習並不是新猷,是世界各地教育的主要教學模式之一。有別於正規課堂學習,體驗式學習着重利用多樣化的環境和社區資源,配合時、地、人各方面所組成的學習情境,達至一個「體驗式學習循環」,需包括具體體驗(Concrete experience)、觀察及反省(Observation & reflection)、總結體驗(Forming abstract concepts)及實踐應用(Testing in new situations)。由於體驗式學習需要不同的資源投入,校本情況不一。為使每一位學生尤其是基層學生得到公平的學習機會,「大教育平台」積極為中學提供體驗式學習活動並有意檢討體驗式學習在香港推行的成效。香港政策研究所教育政策研究中心得到大教育平台資助,於 2017 年 7 月至 2018年 9 月期間,邀請全港五間中學作一年的追蹤研究,研究分別以問卷調查及學生訪談形式進行。問卷調查利用教育局的情意及社交表現評估套件(第二版),加上企業精神、STEM 技能、人文價值的 APASO+問卷,及活動檢討問卷,分別於 2016/17 學年末及2017/18 學年初收集,共收到 414 個有效回應,了解學生在情意及社交表現的變化。學生訪談以小組及個人形式進行,深入探討學生對「體驗式學習」的感受及意見。Since the curriculum reform in 2000, the Education Bureau has been advocating to help student achieve whole-person development and lifelong learning. The concept of Life-wide learning encourages the extension of learning from the classroom to social environment through a series of experiential learning, Other Learning Experience (OLE) in the senior secondary curriculum, which accounts for 10-15% of total class hours, is one of the examples. Experiential learning is not a recent term, but one of the major teaching models in the world. Apart from formal learning in the classroom, experiential learning emphasizes using diversified environment and community resources to reach an experiential learning circle, including concrete experience, observation and reflection, concluding abstract concept and practical application. As experiential learning requires different resources input and school-based situations are varied, Big Education Platform, which actively provides experiential learning for secondary schools in Hong Kong, has the aim to review the effectiveness of these activities, on the participating students. Hong Kong Policy Research Institute was funded by Big Education Platform to conduct an impact study in five secondary schools, including a questionnaires survey and student focus group discussion, during the period of July 2017 to September 2018. To understand students’ transformation in APASO, the questionnaire design makes reference to the APASOII Form of the Education Bureau, with the APASO+ questionnaire including corporate spirit, STEM skills and humanistic values, plus an activity reflection questionnaire. Questionnaire results were collected in the 2016/17 and 2017/18 school year respectively. There is a total of 414 valid responses, while the student interviews were conducted in groups and person, so as to understand the students’ feelings and opinions towards experiential learning. Copyright © 2019 香港政策研究所教育政策研究中心.
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    • 9789628240081
  • 2020-05-18

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