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  • 1. Career education policy: What are teachers’ experiences in support of student career development in the diverse school setting?
    Document Type: Journal Articles
    Source: Hong Kong Journal of Special Education, 20, 36-52, 2018
    Year published: 2018
    Publisher: The Special Education Society of Hong Kong
  • 2. Integrated social and emotional guidance: What do secondary education teachers think?
    Document Type: Journal Articles
    Source: European Journal of Psychology of Education, 28(4), 1567-1586, 2013
    Year published: 2013
    Publisher: Springer Netherlands
  • 3. Exploring organisational perspectives on implementing educational inclusion in mainstream schools
    Document Type: Journal Articles
    Source: International Journal of Inclusive Education, 16(7), 675-690, 2012
    Year published: 2012
    Publisher: Routledge
  • 4. Factors affecting the involvement of teachers in guidance and counselling as a whole-school approach
    Document Type: Journal Articles
    Source: British Journal of Guidance & Counselling, 38(2), 219-234, 2010
    Year published: 2010
    Publisher: Routledge

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