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  • 1. Enhancing early childhood schooling of South Asian children in Hong Kong: Beliefs and perceptions of kindergarten teachers and principals
    Document Type: Journal Articles
    Source: Early Child Development and Care, 1-16, 2015
    Year published: 2015
    Publisher: Routledge
  • 4. Education for new arrivals and multicultural teacher education in Hong Kong
    Document Type: Journal Articles
    Year published: 2002
    City published: Hong Kong
    Publisher: Hong Kong Teachers' Association
  • 5. Dimensions of diversity: Challenges to secondary school teachers with implications for intercultural teacher education
    Document Type: Journal Articles
    Source: Teaching and Teacher Education, 26(3), 732-741, 2010
    Year published: 2010
    Publisher: Elsevier
  • 6. The intercultural sensitivity of student teachers in three cities
    Document Type: Journal Articles
    Source: Compare: A Journal of Comparative Education, 39(3), 349-365, 2009
    Year published: 2009
    Publisher: Routledge
  • 7. The intercultural sensitivity of secondary teachers in Hong Kong: A comparative study with implications for professional development
    Document Type: Journal Articles
    Source: Intercultural Education, 18(2), 129-145, 2007
    Year published: 2007
    Publisher: Routledge
  • 8. Beyond the rhetoric: A study of the intercultural sensitivity of Hong Kong secondary school teachers
    Document Type: Journal Articles
    Source: Pacific-Asian Education Journal, 18(1), 70-87, 2006
    Year published: 2006
    Publisher: Pacific Circle Consortium

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