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  • 學與教的迷思——融合政策於主流學校施行之個案研究
  • Inclusive education policy──A myth about Hong Kong mainstream classrooms
  • 青年研究學報, 9(1), 156-174, 2006
  • 香港
  • 香港靑年協會
  • 2006
    • Hong Kong
    • 1997.7 onwards
    • Unknown or Unspecified
  • 本研究採用了香港特別行政區教育統籌局提供的「情意及社會交表評估套件」(ssessment Program for Affective and Social Outcomes)(EMB, 2001)的五份問卷,對152名8-12歲的小學生進行了評估,以了解學生在融合政策下,在情意(affective)和社會發展(social)兩方面的情況。當中有16名融合生是我們特意選出的研究對象,他們各人有不同程度的學習障礙問題。融合生組別(N=16)與正常學童組別(N=136)的差異以一系列的「單因子變異數分析」(one-way ANOVA test)檢測。檢測結果跟老師對學生問卷調查結果的質性回饋,和學校辦學理念概監文件作一全面性檢討。是次研究結果揭示融合生和一般正常學生在社交及學業的自我概念方面在統計學上有顯著性差異,「正面歧視」的概念解釋了教師和學生間的隔膜。我們因此建議學校改進教育環境,幫助融合教育下的學生。
    A study was conducted on the affective and social domains of 152 elementary school students aged 8-11 in a school in Hong Kong. Five questionnaires from the Assessment Program for Affective and Social Outcomes (APASO) (EMB, 2001) were used to measure the students' attitude to schoo, self-concept, attitude to learning, interpersional competence, and problem -solving strategies. Sixteen inclusive students who had different learning difficulties and were involved in the government remedial teaching scheme under the inclusion policy were extracted for close examination. The differences between normal (N=136) and inclusive (N=16) students were examined by a series of one-way ANOVA tests. The outcome was triangulated with teachers' perspectives through a teacher conference and school profile reports. The two groups showed significant differences in their social and academic self-concepts, which was explained by a "positive discrimination" perspective that suggested a gap between what the students perceived and what the teachers thought. Recommendations are made on how schools can promote and inclusive environment to best serve students under inclusive educaiton.
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