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Developing problem-solving skills in junior secondary science lessons

  • Developing problem-solving skills in junior secondary science lessons
  • Science technology education: Meeting the Challenges of Education Reform: Science & Technology Education Conference 2002 proceedings
  • Hong Kong
  • The Hong Kong Institute of Education, Curriculum Development Institute, Education Dept.; Hong Kong Association for Science and Mathematics Education; Hong Kong Association for Design and Technology Education
  • 2002
    • Hong Kong
    • 1997.7 onwards
    • Secondary Education
  • A new Junior Secondary Science Curriculum (JSSC) has been implemented in Hong Kong since September 2000. Developing pupils' problem-solving skills is one of the main aims of the new curriculum. This case study analyzes how teachers create environments to develop pupils' problem-solving skills through teaching a science theme entitled "The wonderful solvent—water" in Hong Kong junior secondary classrooms. Data were collected from classroom observation and post-lesson interviews. By demonstrating series of events that made up the entire learning experience of the students in classrooms, this article will illustrate how students carried out problem=solving processes, which include generating ideas, making interpretations and judgments, and using strategies to manage the complexity of situations. This study experiments are adopted in science lessons. Finding s also indicated that students are well motivated and their skills can be enhanced if decision-making authorities in designing setups, procedures and ways in solving scientific or technical problems have been devolved to them.
    • English
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  • 2014-12-23

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