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  • 香港課本編選機制:教育局的角色
  • 教科書研究, 3(2), 27-62, 2010
  • 國家教育研究院. 教科書研究編輯委員會
  • 2010
    • Hong Kong
    • 1997.7 onwards
    • Unknown or Unspecified
  • 課本是教育系統中的重要環節,也是重要的教學內容、系統知識的組織、課程與教學間的連結。然而,香港對課本的探討仍然不足,課本的品質亦有待提升。本文嘗試評析教育局在香港課本編審機制中的作用。全文主要分為兩部分,首先會探討教育局在課本編審機制中的作用,然後提出加強教育局作用的建議。本文作者認為,教育局在課本編選機制中扮演非常重要的角色;然而,除維持現有角色外,教育局也應與其他相關的組織配合以及統籌與課本有關事宜,進行更多的課本研究,以及研究優化編審課本的機制。Textbooks, crucial in educational systems, consist of essential teaching materials and represent the organization of systematic knowledge and the bringing together of curriculum and teaching. Hong Kong, however, needs to carry out more research of textbook and to improve the quality of textbooks. This article discusses the roles of the Education Bureau in textbook editing and selection mechanism and suggests ways to enhance those roles. The authors confirm that the Education Bureau plays crucial roles in the textbook mechanism. We suggest, however, that in addition to its present roles, the Education Bureau should cooperate with other relevant organizations to coordinate textbook affairs, conduct more textbook research, and strive to improve the textbook mechanism. Copyright © 2010 國家教育研究院.
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