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  • 全方位學生輔導服務︰建構學校關顧文化之初探
  • Comprehensive student guidance service: A pilot study on cultivating school caring culture
  • 教育曙光, 58(2), 43-53, 2010
  • Hong Kong
  • Hong Kong Teachers' Association
  • 2010
    • Hong Kong
    • 1997.7 onwards
    • Primary Education
  • 背景:為配合教育改革及學生成長的需要,本港小學於2002年推行「全方位學生輔導服務」體系,此體系涵蓋四個範疇,本研究選取了「政策及組織」範疇中之建構學校關顧文化作探討,探究香港小學的教職員如何建構學校之關顧文化。
    Background: To tie in with the education reform and cope with needs of students' growth, all primary schools in Hong Kong has implemented the Comprehensive Student Guidance System since 2002. The system covers four domains of services. This study looked into cultivating school caring culture which belongs to the domain of "policy and organization" and investigated how staff of primary schools in Hong Kong cultivates school caring culture.
    Purpose: To investigate good practices of cultivating caring culture in schools and factors causing the success.
    Sample: Three focus groups and student guidance teachers of four sampled schools.
    Method: Analysis of responses collected in semi-structured interviews of focus groups and sampled schools.
    Results: Participating student guidance teachers mentioned many good practices of cultivating caring culture and three factors causing the success, including leadership and acting as role models by principals, encouragement and strengthening of the culture by teaching teams, and participation by all teachers and students of the schools.
    Conclusion: This study brought up good practices of cultivating school caring culture and factors for success thus has significant implications for school practitioners, policy makers and teacher educators.
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