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  • 課改下的語文教學策略:校外評核報告中教與學的跟進方法建議
  • 合肥師範學院學報, 36(1), 11-15, 2018
  • 合肥師範學院
  • 2018
    • Hong Kong
    • 1997.7 onwards
    • Primary Education
    • Secondary Education
  • 21世紀初,香港展開教育改革,教育統籌局為保證各中小學的教學水準,定期到校進行校外評核的工作。工作完成後,教育統籌局把這些校外評核報告上載互聯網,供市民瀏覽。本研究是從2003至2005兩個年度,教育統籌局在網上公佈的校外評核報告中,各隨機抽取10所小學的報告,針對這些報告中老師在有關教與學和評估不足的評語,提出教學有明確的目標,訓練學生的語文能力,有質素的提問,照顧學生的學習差異,全體學生的參與,師生互動,設計一份優質的評估,善用評估得來的數據以改善教學等解決問題的建議和策略,並提供具體的操作方法,以落實課改的理念,提高教學的成效。 At the beginning of the 21st century, education reforms were launched in Hong Kong. The Education and Manpower Bureau regularly went to schools for off-campus assessments to ensure the teaching level of all primary and secondary schools. After the work is completed, the Education and Manpower Bureau uploads these external assessment reports to the Internet for public viewing. This study randomly selected 10 elementary schools reports published by the Education and Manpower Bureau from2003 to 2005. Targeting the comments on teaching, learning and assessment, this study proposes some suggestion and strategies such as a clear goal in the teaching, training of students’ language skills, high-quality questions, attention paid to students’ learning differences, participation of all students, teacher-student interaction, a high-quality assessment design, and making good use of assessed data to improve teaching so at to implement the concept of curriculum reform and improve the effectiveness of teaching. Copyright © 2018 合肥師範學院.
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