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  • “新農村學習型學校社區建設工程”:目標與評價
  • "The construction of new village learning school and community": Goals and evaluation
  • 當代教育與文化, 2(2), 62-67, 2010
  • 西北師範大學
  • 2010
    • Hong Kong
    • 1997.7 onwards
    • Post-Secondary Education
  • “新農村學習型學校社區建設工程”是一項由政府、大學與非政府組織、學校與社區、城市與農村共同參與的大型夥伴協作項目。該項目的實施採用了一種演化漸進的取向,參與各方對目標的詮釋各有側重。從變革實施的“忠實觀”和“調適觀”兩種觀點來看,該項目取得了一定的成效。今後同類項目的實施可考慮在學校領導、社會參與及評價方法等方面做出改進。 "The Construction of New Village Learning School and Community" is a large-scale project which involves the partnership between local government, a local university and a non-government organization from Hong Kong, the school and the community, the city and the village. The implementation of this project is featured by an evolutionary orientation allowing local adaptation. Participants of various parties have different emphases about the goals of this project. From the two perspectives of change implementation, i.e., fidelity and adaptation, this project brings a lot of changes to local schools and communities. In future, the school leadership, social participation and evaluation strategies could be improved to facilitate the implementation of similar projects. Copyright © 2010 西北師範大學.
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