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  • 新高中通識教育科教師專業發展的思考
  • Teacher professional development in the context of liberal studies (LS) in new senior secondary (NSS) curriculum
  • 香港教師中心學報, 6, 7-15, 2007
  • 香港
  • 香港教師中心
  • 2007
    • Hong Kong
    • 1997.7 onwards
    • Secondary Education
    • Post-Secondary Education
  • 通識教育科在新高中課程是四個核心科目之一,教師專業發展被視為推行該課程的重要因素。這文章嘗試探討與通識科教師專業發展相關的議題。雖然通識科教師對課程實施有不同的關注,但該科肯定為教師提供機會發揮教師專業能力。這文章對通識科教師的專業知識結構加以檢視,並且把它分成課程知識、學科教學知識和實踐性知識三個類別。另外,通識教育科教師的專業發展有培訓課程、實踐平台和教師網絡多種途徑。
    Liberal Studies will be one of the four core subjects in the new senior secondary (NSS) curriculum. Teacher professional development is regarded as an important factor in implementing this subject. This paper is to explore the issues related to the professional development of Liberal Studies teachers. Although the implementation of Liberal Studies stimulates different teachers' concerns, it surely provides teachers with opportunities to demonstrate their competence. The structure of professional knowledge of Liberal Studies teachers is examined in this paper and can be categorized as curriculum knowledge, pedagogical content knowledge and practical knowledge. In addition, professional development courses, practice and teacher network are the possible ways for the continuous professional development.
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  • 2010-12-01

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