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  • 課程與教學改革的展望:加強理論與實踐的對話
  • 北京大學教育評論, 2(2), 75-87, 2004
  • 北京大學
  • 2004
    • Hong Kong
    • 1997.7 onwards
    • Unknown or Unspecified
  • 要進一步完善課程與教學改革,我們必需加強理論與實踐的對話。本文第一部分探討課程與教學理論與實踐之間的關係,以及兩者出現差距的原因;第二部分探討實踐者研究(或教師研究)作為強化理論與實踐的對話之一個取向,並根據有關文獻探究,將實踐者研究的目的、與學術研究的關聯、溝通方式組成一個初步架構,亦會討論香港一些實踐者研究(如行動研究)的例子;第三部分探討課程與教學理論工作者的研究取向如何在實踐層面有助於課程與教學改革,並對學術的理解,以及大學與學校建立夥伴關係的定位作一審視。To further improve curriculum and instructional reforms, we need to strengthen the dialogue between theory and practice. This article is divided into three parts. The first part explores the relationship between curriculum and instructional theories and practices as well as reasons behind the discrepancy between theory and practice. The second part discusses the practitioner research (or teacher research) as one of the approaches for reinforcing the dialogue between theory and practice. This part refers to Zeichner and Noffke’s literature review and formulates an initial framework based on the components of purposes, relevance with academic research, and modes of communication. Examples of practitioner research (e.g., action research) in Hong Kong will be discussed. The third part highlights how the research approach of experts on curriculum and instructional theories (scholars) enhances curriculum and instructional reforms as well as examines the understanding of scholarship (e.g., Boyer’s scholarships of discovery, integration, application and teaching) and the orientations of university and school partnerships. Copyright © 2004 北京大學.
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