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Teacher stress among schools for children with physical disabilities amidst education reforms in Hong Kong 

  • Teacher stress among schools for children with physical disabilities amidst education reforms in Hong Kong 
  • Special Education Society of Hong Kong Ltd.
  • 2009
    • Hong Kong
    • 1997.7 onwards
    • Unknown or Unspecified
  • In 2000, the Education Commission launched a 10-year campaign that strived reform education by reconfiguring the academic system, including redesigning curriculum aims and assessment mechanism. Intense and frequent changes that resulted transformed the ecology of the education system. Local surveys indicated that most teachers suffered a high level of stress and many of them were nearly burnout. A combined inquiry was used to probe the external and internal influences that education reforms had upon teachers in schools for children with physical disabilities in Hong Kong. On the external influences, historical study and document analysis were employed. As to the internal influences, three methods were utilized. First, a four-section modified questionnaire was distributed to investigate these teachers' (n=92) stressors and gather data regarding their professional development. Second, 11 individual interviews were conducted in order to collect in-depth concerns from the representatives of novices, experienced and administrative teachers. Third, a focus group discussion with six experienced teachers was held to collect further data. Results of data analysis were discussed in order to provide recommendations to various stakeholders in supporting teachers along different stages of their career paths. 在2000年,教育統籌委員會啟動長達十年的教育改革,不但重新規劃香港學制,也重整課程目標及評估機制。自此,轉變密集而頻繁,改造了整個教育系統的生態,而本地多項調查顯示大部分教師承受着高度的工作壓力,有許多更近乎耗盡。本文採用綜合方法,深入調查教育改革對肢體傷殘學校教師所帶來的外在及內部影響。就其外在影響,作者運用歷史研究法及文件分析法調查;至於內部影響,則透過問卷調查、個別面談、焦點小組三種方法搜集資料。經過分析資料及討論觀點後,作者向教育官員、學校領導、特校教師提出建議,望後者在不同階段的教學生涯中獲得支援。
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