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Career education policy: What are teachers’ experiences in support of student career development in the diverse school setting?

  • Career education policy: What are teachers’ experiences in support of student career development in the diverse school setting?
  • The Special Education Society of Hong Kong
  • 2018
    • Hong Kong
    • 1997.7 onwards
    • Unknown or Unspecified
  • Policies of career-planning education have been developed and implemented in different societies over the past decades. The policy facilitates the sustainable development of people, particularly the youth, in exploring career aspirations, identities and pathways at different stages of their development. In Hong Kong, the senior secondary school curriculum has been revised to incorporate career-related learning for all students. A teacher in the position of career master/mistress is responsible for the coordination of student career development in each ordinary public school. The teacher has specifically experienced increasing learning diversity in the school setting where integrated education is provided for students with special educational needs (SEN). This paper aims to explore the teacher’s experience in support of career development of students with or without SEN in the school. We adopted an interview method to capture three teachers’ experiences in three schools located in different districts in Hong Kong. What were the teachers’ experiences of implementing the policy of career-planning education for senior secondary students in the schools? What effects on the students’ career development did the teachers perceive? The findings can unveil the challenges facing the teachers for coordination of career-planning programmes in the schools. Although the programme can generally awaken the students’ self-understanding and career competencies, more resources and intense support for SEN students’ career development are needed. This seems to be an agenda missing in the current policymaking. Implications of the education for positive whole-person development of students are also discussed.過去數十年,不同社會都實施職業規劃教育政策。該政策有助於人們,特別是青年人的可持續發展,於不同階段中探索職業志向、專業身份和發展方向。香港的新高中學課程亦為所有學生提供多種職業相關的學習,而學校亦增設職業輔導主任及教師為高中學生制定職業規劃課程。不過,教師也要面對在融合教育環境內,不斷增長的學習多樣性。本文旨在探討職業輔導教師支援學生職業發展的經驗(包括有特殊教育需要學生)。透過面談,研究問题包括:學校為高中學生實施職業規劃教育,教師有甚麼經驗?職業規劃教育對學生的職業發展有何影響?調查顯示教師在統籌學校職業規劃教育活動所面對的挑戰。雖然職業規劃教育活動可以喚醒學生的自我理解和職業能力,但教師需要更多資源及深入支援,以提升有特殊教育需要學生的職業發展。這顯示現有政策的缺失之處,結論亦討論職業規劃教育對學生的正向全人發展的影響。 Copyright © 2018 The Special Education Society of Hong Kong Ltd.
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  • 2019-11-01

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