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Teaching standards, globalisation, and conceptions of teacher professionalism

  • Teaching standards, globalisation, and conceptions of teacher professionalism
  • Routledge
  • 2021
    • Hong Kong
    • United States
    • Australia
    • 1997.7 onwards
    • Unknown or Unspecified
  • Today's teacher operates in a globalised space where people everywhere are inextricably connected, and whose lives no longer exist in an isolated vacuum, but intersect and collide as part of a dynamic vortex. Teachers must now think, and teach beyond local boundaries, such that definitions of teacher professionalism will be reshaped by forces of globalisation. But have they, and in what ways? This article examines the intersection of globalisation and teacher professionalism. It begins with working definitions of globalisation and professionalism. These definitions will conceptually frame an analysis of policy documents about teacher professionalism, specifically standards for teachers in Hong Kong, the United States, and Australia. As a benchmark for teacher professionalism, an analysis of teacher standards across this international sample affords a broad portrait of what teachers are expected to know and do, juxtaposed against a rapidly evolving and globalising world. Copyright © 2021 Routledge.
    • English
  • Journal Articles
    • 02619768
  • 2022-04-20

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