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  • 經濟轉型下的教育改革
  • Educational reform under economic restructuring
  • 青年研究學報, 2(2), 40-48, 1999
  • 香港
  • 香港靑年協會
  • 1999
    • Hong Kong
    • 1997.7 onwards
    • Unknown or Unspecified
  • 教育是對社會「人力資本」的投資,而且能幫助社會融和。但香港教育經過三十年的發展,教育界仍沉醉於昔日的精英教育,而且中學之間出現嚴重分化及惡性競爭等問題。面對急劇轉變的經濟,教育似乎也無法作出很好的配合。在新形勢下,香港的經濟將朝金融服務業及高科技行業,雙頭並進。教育改革應考慮的方向,是讓學生掌握好「兩文三語」、加強「科普」活動、設法培養學生的創造能力、減輕「應試教育」,以及調整資源去吸納新移民融入社會。同時,教育必須強調社會的融合和個人的承擔,以及變得多元化和富彈性。
    Education is an investment in the human capital of society. It also helps social integration. However, many people still yearn for an elitist education system after 30 years of education. Segregation and vicious competition exist among secondary schools. Besides, education is unable to cope with the rapidly changing economy. In this new era, the Hong Kong economy will head towards the development of the financial and services sectors and the high-tech industries. Educational reform should consider the following: to train students to be "bi-literate and tri-lingual"; to popularize scientific activities; to cultivate creativity, to lighten the exam-oriented system; and to adjust resources for the assimilation of the new immigrants. At the same time, we should put an emphasis on the harmony of the society and the responsibilities of the individuals. Education should become diversified and flexible.
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