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  • 香港小學社會科與常識科的課程變遷
  • 課程與教學, 8(3), 157-171, 2005
  • 中華民國課程與教學學會
  • 2005
    • Hong Kong
    • 1997.7 onwards
    • Primary Education
  • 近年兩岸三地開始課程改革,社會科課程也有一定的變化。本文就不同年代香港的社會科和常識科課程的發展,根據課程不同的取向和組成部分,對社會科和常識科的性質、目標的訂定、內容的選釋和組織、教學的策略以及評鑑的作用和方法各方面加以評析,最後試提若干提議,作為今後社會科課程發展的參考。In recent years, curriculum reforms have started in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Mainland China. There are also changes in the social studies curriculum. This article firstly examines the development of the subjects of social studies and general studies in different periods of Hong Kong. Then the orientations and components of the curriculum including the nature and objectives of social studies and general studies, selection and organization of content, teaching and learning strategies as well as the functions and methods of evaluation are analyzed. Lastly, some suggestions are tentatively proposed for future curriculum development of social studies. Copyright © 2005 中華民國課程與教學學會.
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