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  • 實施校本同儕觀課的思考
  • Thinking on the implementation of school-based peer observation
  • 香港教師中心學報, (5), 160-165, 2006
  • 香港
  • 香港教師中心
  • 2006
    • Hong Kong
    • 1997.7 onwards
    • Post-Secondary Education
  • 隨著教育改革的實踐,本地學校已普遍地推行同儕觀課,怎樣透過校本同儕觀課以促進教師專業發展?本文從分享香港教育學院內相關計劃的經驗和各地與同儕觀課有關的文獻,讓中小學教師分別就同儕觀課程序的安排,以使教師能透過同儕觀課提高教學的效能。
    In the era of education reform, most of the local schools are implementing school-based peer observation. How can schools facilitate professional development of teachers by this means based on the innovative experience on related project in Hong Kong Institute of Education and relevant academic literature on peer observation? The author advises school teachers to re-think in these four areas: the arrangement of school-based peer observation, the understanding of the physiological need of the deliver, the use of progress map and the training of observers. There are many ways suggested for schools to raise the effectiveness of peer observation in order to enhance teacher development by this kind of professional activities.
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  • 2011-06-11

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