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  • 香港高校通識教育課程變革
  • 高教發展與評估, 34(1), 50-59, 2018
  • 武漢理工大學;中國交通教育研究會高教研究分會;高教研究分會
  • 2018
    • Hong Kong
    • 1997.7 onwards
    • Post-Secondary Education
  • 香港高校自2012年起推行四年新學制以及新的課程架構,其特點為:(1)課程理念與目標已經超出傳統學術與智性發展範疇,開始融入與共通能力、態度有關的元素。(2)課程架構以必修課與分佈選修結合為主要特徵。分佈選修的範疇圍繞人文與藝術、社會與文化、科學與技術三大知識領域展開,必修科目的內容存在明顯差異,有的大學圍繞智性探究,有的大學還在智性探究範疇之外增加語言溝通、共通技能、統整融合的元素。(3)課程內容超越知識探究,關注當代社會重要議題以及未來生活需具備的能力與素質。(4)課程發展採取成果為本方法。(5)建立完善的質素保證機制,對通識課程進行定期檢討,從不同管道搜集持份者意見,對通識課程、教學做出持續改進。A new academic system and new curriculum has been implemented in Hong Kong higher education since 2012. This paper reviews the factors that affect the change of general education in Hong Kong and outlines the characteristics of general education(GE)in Hong Kong since2012. Five characteristics can be identified: 1)The purposes and objectives of GE curriculum has gone beyond the domain of academic study and intellectual inquiry and infused generic skills and attitudes into the new curriculum; 2)Most higher education institutions have adopted a structure of core curriculum and distributive requirement; 3)The themes of curriculum address important issues in the current era; 4)Outcome-based approach has been adopted in the curriculum development across the institutions; 5)Quality assurance scheme has been established to monitor the implementation and quality of overall teaching and learning with general education included as one component. Copyright © 2018 武漢理工大學;中國交通教育研究會高教研究分會;高教研究分會.
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  • 2018-08-08

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