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Enhancing literacy-rich play in Hong Kong preschool environments

  • Enhancing literacy-rich play in Hong Kong preschool environments
  • The Hong Kong Institute of Education
  • 2000
    • Hong Kong
    • 1997.7 onwards
    • Pre-Primary Education
  • This paper reports findings from two research projects conducted in Hong Kong. The first study (termed ‘pilot’ study) aimed to obtain baseline data regarding the extent to which the classroom environments of a small representative sample of preschools in Hong Kong are literacy rich. One of the objectives of the second study was also to evaluate the extent of literacy-rich elements in a similar sample of preschool classroom environments before and after intervention. The preschools in the second study were provided with literacy props as a form of intervention. Each preschool centre was provided with one-page sheet with suggestions on how the materials could be used to facilitate literacy elements in children’s dramatic play. Results showed that Hong Kong preschool classroom environments are fairly literacy-enriched but there is little variation in classroom environments by grade level. Implications are drawn from these studies for teachers to foster literacy-rich play environments to encourage meaningful reading and writing activities during play activities.
    [Copyright © 2003 The Hong Kong Institute of Education.]
    • English
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  • 2015-03-26

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