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Linking mission to learning activities for assurance of learning

  • Linking mission to learning activities for assurance of learning
  • Routledge
  • 2011
    • Hong Kong
    • 1997.7 onwards
    • Unknown or Unspecified
  • Can accreditation-related requirements and mission statements measure learning outcomes? This study focuses on triangulating accreditation-related requirements with mission statements and learning activities to learning outcomes. This topic has not been comprehensively explored in the past. After looking into the requirements of AACSB, ISO, and the Hong Kong Qualifications Framework (QF), "mission/objective/goal/outcome, improvement, learning, activities, review, and consistent" were identified as the key elements which can be applied to designing learning activities with a teaching log. From teachers' observations and studying the reflections of learners, it was found that "Ability, Affection, All-round Development and Appreciation" improved to align with the elements of the mission statement "Capable and Caring." It was found that guest lectures by academics and industry practitioners can also help nurture learners' overall development. These findings are of great value as a mission statement is intended to lead to action and continuous improvement; and accreditation exercises involve mission verification and validation. Longitudinal studies of a similar nature are suggested to further test the findings of the present study.
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  • Journal Articles
    • 08975930
  • 2014-10-28

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