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  • 生涯規劃教育、職業教育與生命教育結合的初探:以香港為例
  • The first glance of integration among life planning education, vocational education and life education: The case of Hong Kong
  • 台灣教育研究期刊, 1(5), 175-192, 2020
  • 台灣教育研究院社
  • 2020
    • Hong Kong
    • 1997.7 onwards
    • Unknown or Unspecified
  • 香港自2012年推出新高中學制之後,除了考試制度的改革,非正規教育的改革亦馬不停蹄,生涯規劃教育與職業教育的變化特別明顯。自2014年開始,香港全面推行生涯規劃教育,以求改善舊有升學及就業輔導之弊,2015年則開始重塑職業教育為職業專才教育,將職業教育重新納入主要的教育政策議題之中。相對下,生命教育的發展較為停滯不前。直至2019年,香港政府委託顧問就生涯規劃教育推行成效發表研究報告,並建議將生涯規劃教育結合生命教育一同推行,推動學生的全人發展,生命教育方重新成為整個教育改革藍圖的一部份。同年,香港政府提出進一步推動價值觀教育的發展,尤其優先重視生命教育,可見生命教育與價值觀教育將成下一步非正規課程改革的重心。明顯地,生涯規劃教育、生命教育與職業教育三者的拓展似乎正在呼應《教育行動計劃2030》宣言的提倡。有鑑及此,本文將申論三者其實應該如何貫穿實踐,以切合香港實況,並以香港一項大型生涯規劃的項目為切入點作深入分析。Since the introduction of the New Academic Structure in 2012, policy reform in non-formal education was implemented along with a structural change of the public examination system. In 2014, Life Planning Education was launched to optimize the problem in the over-reliance on career counselling and guidance, while Vocational Education was officially rebranded as Vocational Professional Education and Training in 2015, and it is now regarded as one of the main agendas in the current Hong Kong education policy. In comparison, the development of Life Education has stalled for a long time until the publication of one policy consultancy research report in 2019, which recommended the possible merge of Life Education with Life Planning Education in the future implementation. In the same year, the Hong Kong government proposed the strengthening of support on Values Education in schools through prioritizing Life Education in the policy. This implies that critical role of Life and Values Education in the forthcoming non-formal curriculum reform. It is apparent that the newest development of Life Planning Education, Vocational Education and Life Education are all well-aligned with the initiative of "Education 2030" proposed by UNESCO. In light of this, this paper will examine how these three components have developed and implemented in the local Hong Kong context, with the support of an analytical case study based on a large-scale youth programme for Career and Life Planning for illustration. Copyright © 2020 台灣教育研究院社.
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  • 2023-01-05

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