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  • 學校本位課程發展:理論與取向
  • 課程與教學, 6(3), 105-127, 2003
  • 中華民國課程與教學學會
  • 2003
    • Hong Kong
    • 1997.7 onwards
    • Unknown or Unspecified
  • 學校本位課程發展可說是近年課程改革範圍內一個重要議題。本文嘗試整理和探討有關學校本位課程發展的定義,以及探討不同的學校本位課程發展取向和模式。首先,文章探討課程發展、課程改進以至校本課程發展的意涵,此外,有關學校聚焦、學校為中心到學校為本課程發展的定義亦作探討。其次,文章初步探討中國內地、台灣和香港的校本課程發展脈絡。本文從技術-科學和非技術取向探討不同的校本課程發展取向與模式,尤其對史克北模式評析,以及非技術取向下的人文教育模式、協商課程模式、創作周期模式等。School-based curriculum development is an important agenda in the field of curriculum reform in recent years. This article attempts to consolidate and discuss various definitions related to school-based curriculum development as well as to discuss their different approaches and models. First, the article discusses the meaning of curriculum development, curriculum improvement and school-based curriculum development. Secondly, the definitions related to school-focused, school-centred as well as school-based curriculum development are explored. Moreover, the article initially discusses the contexts of school-based curriculum development in the Chinese Mainland, Taiwan and Hong Kong. The article also discusses different approaches and models of school-based curriculum development from both technical-scientific and non-technical perspectives, especially with regard to the critique of Skilbeck's model and elaboration of humanistic education model, negotiation curriculum model and authoring cycle model. Copyright © 2003 中華民國課程與教學學會.
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  • 2020-02-04

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