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Reading patterns of children with learning difficulties in Hong Kong

  • Reading patterns of children with learning difficulties in Hong Kong
  • Special Education Society of Hong Kong Ltd.
  • 2004
    • Hong Kong
    • 1997.7 onwards
    • Primary Education
  • The purpose of this paper is to find out the underlying difficulties of students with learning difficulties in Hong Kong. Based on the dual-route model of reading, words may be read by either a lexical (words are recognized as wholes) or a sub-lexical (words are recognized through grapheme-phoneme correspondence) procedure to read. Castles & Coltheart (1993) and Jimenez (2000) provided evidence for the existence of these two mechanisms in English reading and Spanish reading respectively. They suggested that deficits in one and/or the other mechanism would lead to different patterns of reading disability. Surface dyslexia results from impairment of the lexical procedure with an intact phonologyical route to reading. Phonological dyslexia results from a highly selective deficit in the grapheme-phoneme transformation mechanism. It was found that surface and phonological dyslexic reading patterns were also found in the Chinese children with learning difficulties. 本文主要目的是找出存在於有學習困難的學生的一些閱讀困難的模式。本於雙軌閱讀模式理論,讀者可依循義的途徑或聲的途徑來認字。Castles & Coltheart (1993) 及 Jimenez (2000) 的研究中,分別顯示英語及西班牙語系中,有部份讀者在運用義的途徑時會有障礙,而聲的途徑則沒有問題,部份讀者的情況則剛好相反。前者稱之為有表層閱讀障礙,後者為有聲層閱讀障礙。本文研究結果亦證明表層及聲層閱讀障礙模式存在於中文讀者之中。
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