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Microcomputer software for education

  • Microcomputer software for education
  • Hong Kong
  • Hong Kong Association for Science and Mathematics education
  • 1982
    • Hong Kong
    • 1980s
    • Secondary Education
  • The following points are advocated in the paper: there was very little good educational software currently available, and so the UK organization MUSE (Microcomputer Users in Secondary Education) was introduced; the provision of a MUSE Software Library of software packages for access by local schools was vital; the Hong Kong Association for Computer Education had just been established and played a greater role in the development of computer education and computer-based education than the Government's Education Department; and the establishment of a specialist division within the advisory inspectorate, separate from and independent of the mathematics section, was a priority.
    • English
  • Journal Articles
  • 2010-09-28

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