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  • 讓孩子融入大自然:多元模式的學習經驗
  • Connecting children with nature: Multimodal learning experience
    • Hong Kong
    • 1997.7 onwards
    • Pre-Primary Education
  • 大自然是幼兒早期成長階段的重要學習環境。幼兒樂於在充滿趣味的大自然環境中探索和主動學習。而目前,在城市中生活的幼兒越來越缺乏和大自然接觸的機會,讓幼兒與大自然建立聯繫成為香港幼兒教育課程中的一個新的發展取向。本講座將分享香港幼師專業發展中加入大自然教育的歷程,包括幼師培訓課程及校本培訓的策略。此外,講者將分享幼兒在室内和室外融入大自然學習的經歷,探索透過多元模式的學習幫助幼兒主動探索社區周圍的大自然元素。The nature is an important learning environment for early years development. Young children are happy to explore and learn proactively in the interesting natural world, but those living in cities are losing touch with the nature. In the local context, the ECE curriculum is heading in a new direction to engage children with the nature. This seminar will present the trajectory of integrating nature education into local ECE teacher development, including strategies for ECE teacher education programmes and schoolbased teacher preparation. Furthermore, the seminar will also share the experience of immersing children in nature-based learning both indoor and outdoor, and investigate the use of multimodal learning to support young children in exploring the nature elements in the community proactively. Copyright © 2020 幼教研討會.
  • 論文發表於「2020 幼教研討會:培育幼兒的探究精神:從大自然與生活中學習」,香港教育大學,香港,中國。
    • Chinese
  • Conference Papers
  • 2021-06-15

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