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Life education in primary schools: Case studies in Hong Kong and Jiangsu

  • Life education in primary schools: Case studies in Hong Kong and Jiangsu
  • 2017
    • Hong Kong
    • Jiangsu
    • 1997.7 onwards
    • Primary Education
  • Life education has recently attracted quite a lot of attention and some education researchers hope to enhance the students’ awareness and the value of their life, students’ self-protection ability, respecting life through education. There is an urgent need to assess and nurture the life education of primary school students in Hong Kong and Jiangsu. This study employs the case study method to assess and compare the life education of two Hong Kong primary schools with and without life education as a subject with two Jiangsu primary schools with and without life education as a subject. The principals, teachers and students were interviewed for the life education situation in their schools. Life education curriculums were classified by Transcendent, Community, Nature and Self. The practice and implementation of life education were evaluated by Intellectual, Emotional, Volitional and Practical. Results revealed that life education has been carried out in Hong Kong primary schools whether or not they set life education as an individual subject. However, compared with the life education in Hong Kong, the development of life education in Jiangsu is lagging far behind. Because life education in Mainland China is considered as a part of moral education which is highly political aspect, it is hard to claim that life education has no political. Although almost all principals and teachers in Jiangsu schools stated verbally that life education was very important to students, there is no impetus for them to take the initiative to push the development of life education. After all, life education, unlike other subjects, is a thankless and time consuming task. Compared with Jiangsu, life education in Hong Kong has made great progress which is being driven by some educators and some religious groups. However, there is also some limitation of life education in Hong Kong because there are not much resources and leadership from the Hong Kong government. Moreover, there are also some factors which are hampering the implementation of life education in Jiangsu. All rights reserved.
  • EdD
  • The Education University of Hong Kong
  • Hong Kong
    • English
  • Dissertation Theses
  • 2023-01-05

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