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  • 課程與教學的概念:學者應用的分析
  • 教育學報, 38(1), 33-59, 2010
  • 香港中文大學敎育學院
  • 2010
    • Hong Kong
    • 1997.7 onwards
    • Unknown or Unspecified
  • 過去十多年,海內外學者曾深入探討「課程」和「教學」這兩個概念。整體而言,有提倡教學包含課程,有認為課程包含教學,有主張課程與教學並列,亦有較積極的學者建議把課程和教學整合。然而,學者在探討時主要是從概念出發,分析兩者的關係。本文目的是從學者的文章,探討他們對「課程」與「教學」的理解,並檢視兩者的差異。本文分三部分,首先概述學者對這兩概念的看法,接着從學者的文章判斷他們理解這兩個概念的差別,最後提出結論。本文發現,「課程」與「教學」各有關注點。筆者認為課程探討的範圍較教學的廣泛。「教學」重在探討學習者和教師,集中在課室層面;「課程」重在探討教育內涵的形塑問題,涉及不同層面,較集中在制度層面、地區層面、學校層面。During the past ten years, scholars have inquired into the concepts of “curriculum” and “teaching” with great efforts. In general, some scholars advocate teaching embodying curriculum, some regard curriculum embracing teaching, and some suggest that they are parallel concepts with close relationship. A few scholars proactively integrate “curriculum” and “teaching,” aiming to provide a better understanding on their relationships. However, the discussions of these scholars are only conceptual ones without research elements. This article aims to inquire scholars’ understanding of the two concepts through their actual usage and to distinguish the differences between the concepts. The article consists of three parts. First, it summarizes the scholastic views on these two concepts. Then, it identifies the differences between these concepts from their application by scholars. Finally, concluding comments will be made. This article finds that scholars have different concerns when using “curriculum” and “teaching.” The authors regard the inquiry of curriculum as having a broader scope than the inquiry of teaching. Whereas “teaching” focuses on the inquiry of learners and teachers at the classroom level, “curriculum” focuses on the inquiry of shaping education content at various levels like the system level, the regional level, and the school level. Copyright © 2010 香港中文大學 CUHK .
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