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    1. Literacy enhancement and peer support (LEAPS): Prevention and intervention of reading difficulties
    Document Type: Journal Articles
    Source: Journal of Youth Studies, 12(2), 87-100, 2009
    Year published: 2009
    City published: Hong Kong
    Publisher: The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups
    During the past decade, the issue of reading difficulties has received increasing attention in Hong Kong. A recent Education Bureau mandate calls for the development of effective instructional methods based on the 3-tier model to address the diverse learning needs of our students. Following a thorough review of the relevant research literature, we attempted to utilise a peer support learning system both as a Tier 1 preventive reading programme for beginning readers and as a Tier 2 supplementary remediation programme for struggling adolescent learners. Our investigative efforts indicate that the proposed peer support reading scheme shows promise as a preventive procedure for reducing reading failure in beginning readers. However, turning this scheme into a feasible and effective intervention for older students remains a challenge to be resolved by further consolidation and investigations.
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