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  • 1. The Hong Kong Early Child Development Scale-3: A validation study
    Document Type: Journal Articles
    Year published: 2022
    Publisher: The Pacific Early Childhood Education Research Association
  • 2. English language education in Hong Kong: A review of policy and practice
    Document Type: Journal Articles
    Source: Current Issues in Language Planning, 21(5), 457-474, 2020
    Year published: 2020
    Publisher: Routledge
  • 3. Development and directions of policies for early childhood education in Hong Kong and Taiwan
    Document Type: Conference Papers
    Conference: The 65th World Assembly and Conference of OMEP: Enhancing the Development of Early Childhood Education:"Opportunities and Quality" (2013: Shanghai, China)
  • 4. English vocabulary instruction in six early childhood classrooms in Hong Kong
    Document Type: Journal Articles
    Source: Early Child Development and Care, 183(10), 1363-1380, 2013
    Year published: 2013
    City published: Great Britain
    Publisher: Routledge

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