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  • 1. Physical education under the new curriculum reform in Hong Kong: Current political situation of school physical education
    Document Type: Journal Articles
    Year published: 2014
    Publisher: Hong Kong Baptist University, Dr. Stephen Hui Research Centre for Physical Recreation & Wellness
  • 2. The use of cooperative learning to promote full participation of children with physical impairment in physical education in mainstream schools
    Document Type: Journal Articles
    Source: Hong Kong Special Education Forum, 8, 42-58, 2006
    Year published: 2006
    Publisher: Special Education Society of Hong Kong Ltd.
  • 3. 互惠式教學在高爾夫球教學的應用
    Document Type: Book Chapters
    Pages: 98-106
    Year published: 2009
    City published: 香港
    Publisher: 香港教育學院健康及體育學系、教育局課程發展處體育組
  • 4. 創新幼兒體育課程模式的實踐旅程
    By: 黃樹誠
    Document Type: Book Chapters
    Pages: 127-139
    Year published: 2003
    City published: 澳門
    Publisher: 澳門大學及澳門特別行政區政府教育暨青年局
  • 5. 創意式和跨學科的幼兒體育課程:體育、音樂與美術的動感結合與優美表達
    By: 黃樹誠
    Document Type: Conference Papers
    Year published: 1999
    Conference: 華人社會的教育發展學術研討會 (1999: 澳門,中國)

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