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  • 1. The development of peer support during their first classroom teaching practice
    Document Type: Conference Papers
    Year published: 1995
    Conference: Hong Kong Educational Research Association 12th Annual Conference: Rethinking Education: Reflective Practice, Professionalism and Postmodernization (1995: The Hong Kong Institute of Education, Hong Kong, China)
  • 2. Changes in the English medium of instruction policy in secondary schools in Hong Kong, Special Administration Region of China
    Document Type: Conference Papers
    Year published: 1998
    Conference: British Educational Research Association (BERA) Annual Conference 1998 (1998: The Queen's University of Belfast, Ireland)
  • 3. English medium secondary schools: Privileged orphans in the SAR
    Document Type: Journal Articles
    Source: Intercultural Communication Studies, 10(2), 145-158, 2000
    Year published: 2000
    Publisher: International Association for Intercultural Communication Studies
  • 4. The cultural implications of English medium education in secondary schools in Hong Kong: A case for intercultural communicative competence
    Document Type: Journal Articles
    Year published: 2000
    Publisher: Hong Kong Institute of Educational Research
  • 5. Communicating across cultures on the internet : Implications for global(ising) e-education
    Document Type: Journal Articles
    Source: Australian Journal of Communication, 30(2), 65-84, 2003
    Year published: 2003
    Publisher: University of Queensland, School of English

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