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Queering CLIL: A critical sexual literacy curriculum for the Hong Kong context

  • Queering CLIL: A critical sexual literacy curriculum for the Hong Kong context
  • 酷讀CLIL: 為香港處境設計的性/別教育課程
  • English Teaching & Learning, 44(2), 193-210, 2020
  • National Taiwan Normal University. Department of English
  • 2020
    • Hong Kong
    • 1997.7 onwards
    • Post-Secondary Education
  • This paper demonstrates how the Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) approach can be useful for developing a critical sexual literacy curriculum that combines gender and sexuality education and critical language teaching. The findings from an action research study conducted with 20 tertiary students in a voluntary English class in Hong Kong show how a heightened awareness of conflicting discourses could be stimulated by the heteroglossic nature of the classroom input that included media texts, face-to-face interaction with queer individuals and in-class Boal's Image and Forum Theatres. The learners also experienced mixed emotions toward LGBTI people and reported language gain from the curriculum. A lot more would have to be done in critical sexual literacy research and practice to foster critical awareness of gender and sexuality and to challenge homo- and transphobic ideologies in everyday discourses. 摘要: 本論文探討如何應用「內容和語言整合性學習」(Content and Language Integrated Learning, 縮寫CLIL)模式, 發展一套結合性/別教育與語言學習的批判性性/別識讀課程。參與此課堂行動研究的大專學生有二十位, 課程不但使用了多媒體材料, 也包括與性小眾朋友在課堂上的互動, 和參與波瓦式的形象和論壇劇場。研究結果顯示, 這些課堂材料與活動的語言雜多性, 會令學生對性別討論中的矛盾現象加深了認識, 對LGBTI人士產生複雜的情緒, 並在語言知識上有所增長。在未來, 批判性的性別教育在研究和課堂實踐方面, 我們需要進一步了解如何培養學生對性/別議題進行批判思考, 以及在日常話語現象中挑戰恐同、恐跨的意識形態現象。Copyright ©National Taiwan Normal University. Department of English.
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  • 2021-04-13

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